Enhance business processes, create cost efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction​.

Enhance business processes, create cost efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction​

Due to the rise of digital, the way in which companies conduct business continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Consumer and market demands change daily which creates difficulties for organizations to keep current and meet rising expectations.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can transform your business. Whether large or mid-size, ERP solutions can help you adapt quickly to the changing market. Yet, ERP can be tricky and it's essential that you equip yourself with the right solution, knowledge and expertise to ensure a successful transformation.
Look to the experts at ATS to transform and help grow your business. Leveraging a combined suite of fully integrated SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services and solutions and nearly two decades of experience, you can glean key insights into operational and business performance and create additional opportunities for success.

Recognize immediate benefits like:

The benefits of ERP will vary depending on each client’s unique situation. Herea we explain the key benefits for an organisation might not always be quantifiable. This doesn’t take away from the requirement to identify tangible, quantifiable benefits, and five areas where these can usually be found are listed below.

  • Reduce Staff Costs

    When working with clients to identify benefits, I have found that one of the first things they will talk about is “time saved”. They will back this up with expected savings in hours and days for various teams and individuals. This is not surprising, as ERP will usually eliminate manual, inefficient tasks and duplication of effort.

  • Increase Revenue

    Introducing better planning tools can lead to an increase in product or service availability, resulting in less orders lost due to non-availability. Functionality to prompt up-selling and/or cross-selling may assist the customer service team to increase order values. If the customer service or sales teams have more time available, they may be able to use this to contact customers or prospects and prompt orders.

  • Improved Margin

    There are a number of ways in which ERP can lead to improved margins. Better and more immediate reporting can help an organisation identify and focus efforts on profitable lines. Information on historical spend and supplier tendering capabilities can lead to reductions in purchase costs.

  • Claims and Rebates

    If an organisation is not already availing of early settlement and other discounts and supplier rebates for bulk buys, then many ERP systems will provide functionality to allow them to track and claim these benefits.



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